We sit to: work, learn, rest, play. A chair is not just a chair, it should be easy to adjust, provide maximum comfort, and function over time. Reddito sources both new and used products to meet varying demands.

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Desks, Work surface, our working real estate where we handle our business. Functionality is essential. Aesthetics are many, principles remain the same. Quality, Durability, Image, Value are all considerations in choosing how to furnish your office.

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System Furniture

Allows creative use of space. Programming is essential, taking into account personal work space, shared space, storage, collaboration, technology interface, installation, moves/ changes.

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Conference Room

Flow of individuals, flowing ideas, effective communication, image are driving forces for meeting areas.

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Filing and Storage

Designed for intense use and durability, filing must provide ease of access and offer aesthetics to compliment the space.

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Healthcare and Hospitality

Furniture designed to serve specific needs and withstand intense is a must. Materials are put to the test with demand for durability, must be cleanable, even germ fighting fabrics. Our responsibility is that the furniture serve, both client and patient well.

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