• emphasisEmphasis

    Develops interest in a space using elements to impact and direct the user to a focal point.

  • balanceBalance

    Maintains a sense of stability. Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. We achieve balance through both symmetry and asymmetry.

  • varietyVariety

    By varying shape, texture, color and value we build interest.

  • movementMovement

    Gives static elements life, persons are engaged and lead through an interior.

  • rhythmRhythm

    Sets the tone and tempo. Repetition of shape and color, light and dark establish that sense of rhythm.

  • proportionProportion

    Refers to the relationship between objects in a body of work. Proportion gives a sense of size and importance in the space.

  • unityUnity

    Is accomplished when all the parts work toward the whole. Each element adds value and performance to finished office.


Create functional, beautiful workplaces that inspire innovation, foster collaboration and increase productivity. We provide contemporary, modern office furniture, as well as traditional, timeless furnishings. Your office furniture needs are met with products designed for lasting performance. Read More


Quality products, value, and availability Reddito deliver. According to Environmental Protection Agency estimates, approximately 3 million tons of office furniture and furnishings are discarded each year. We source contract grade furniture from larger markets to provide businesses with viable options. Read More

Art in Furniture

Furniture has been an art form throughout history. Reddito takes this art to another level, giving furniture voice and presence. With custom designs and artist collaboration, mundane, static furniture and fixtures become alive with line, color, and texture. We are only limited by your budget and our imagination. Read More

New & Used Office Furniture

Our experience enables us to serve client needs ranging from individual offices to major corporations across the country. Additionally, we offer ergonomic seating, storage, and conference room and case good furniture. Reddito also makes new products available when it best meets a buyer’s need.

Be Green Save Green

Reddito is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We specialize in the reuse of existing resources by refinishing or refurbishing “experienced” pieces and passing the savings on to our clients. This enables the client to have the look and feel of new furnishings without the sticker shock.

Our Experience Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on the service and value we provide to our clients. Contact us today to let us know how we can serve you. Hours Monday thru Friday: 8AM - 5PM Saturday by Appointment